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Japanese Domestic Model and UK Imports have long been a staple here in Malaysia. Long before the existence of official importers and manufacturers were importers who began bringing in automobiles since the days of Wearnes Brothers.

Following the launch of Proton and the introduction of AP (Approved Permit) for importing used vehicles, appointed importers have been serving the Malaysian market with a selection of popular models not assembled or imported new.

From the days of the early AE86 to the present day 86, thousandss of units are shipped in every year. Termed as ‘recond cars’, short for reconditioned cars, these vehicles are no longer reconditioned as importers today pick units below 5 years of age and of good grades to ensure sellability.

RecondCar.My is a product created by fans of imported vehicle to facilitate trading and transfer of information with regards to these vehicles. The classifieds listings are complemented with related products and services such as service center and accessories listings.

We hope that this platform benefits the search for your next hot import.